Commercial Break: Aussie Kia ads spectacularly miss the mark

9 July 2013

Wow. It really is a different world ‘down under’ in Australia. It seems that their advertisers try to pitch products by depicting their typical users as some of the most diabolical human specimens to crawl the earth.

At least that’s what’s happened with these new Ford Kia ads, showing a ‘man of now’ and a ‘woman of now’ – all bullshit and buzzwords with the end result of them jumping into a Ford Kia.

What’s the message – ‘be like these annoying bell ends and drive a Kia’?

If you’d asked us to guess the ending, we’d have expected them to step out into the road and be ploughed into by a speeding Kia. Sadly not.

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  • jiggle
    Ford Kia? These ads made me want to cry.
  • Ian
    Is Ford Kia a desperate attempt at trying to be funny?
  • jokester
    Ford???? Where do you get your information from?
  • Mr B.
    Ford!? Fuck me. You lot are a know-nothing, shit-at-researching, air-headed bunch of wankers.
  • badger
    I thought a bigger own goal was the recent Kerrygold ad which tried to encourage us to "support Irish farmers". Why would we want to do that?
  • Jeremy T.
    Thought made up name Gimmers was supposed to be the cant be arsed journalistic failure of the century . But" Ford Kia" ? Dawson epic fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dr B.
    They're both so smug they could be in a voyage-privee advert.

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