Commercial Break: As if staying in a hostel wasn't already unsettling...

Everyone loves staying in hostels, right? Nothing can match the joy of sharing your sleeping space with a room full of strangers, kipping with one eye open as you try to pre-empt being robbed or molested by one of them. And then greeting the following morning with a beaming smile as your thank your god of choice for keeping you alive.

So how should an aspiring hostel advertise itself to prospective guests? Well, if you’re the 790 on George hostel in Australia’s popular Sydney, you just go for the batshit mental angle. There’s some sirens, a spooky, detached voice pimping its kitchen, laundry and TV room, and explosions. Yes, EXPLOSIONS.

Oh, and right at the end, it also looks as though the young David Mitchell lookalike is about to get down on his knees and give you a ‘special welcome’...


  • The B.
    Is that a pair of lungs or a pair of flip-flops on their logo? I don't mind them nicking me flip-flops.
  • Smashingnicey
    What the hell just happened to my brain?

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