Commercial Break: America's worst ads of the year... but are they really that bad?

Our friends at The Consumerist have been running a poll of late, in an attempt to find out just what their readers regard to be the worst advert of the year. In a Milliband-esque outcome, here are the two ads that riled them the most, from Staples and Quiznos.

They’re both pretty annoying but we’re prepared to go out on a limb and say that, with the likes of and the Go Compare man, we’re streets ahead when it comes to churning out mind-numbing cack in the name of advertising.

Ha! In your FACE America!


  • Alex
    the staples ad is actually pretty funny, but the quiznos one is just fucking annoying
  • Jigga
    I think you meant "worst".
  • hippy1001
    to be honest ours are definately more worse. especially the safestyle advert. The worst adverts are not the annoying ones though, they are the ones with fat ugly naked people in them that usually come on around the time your eating your dinner.
  • akiss
    Barry Scott in Lelli Kelly shoes singing the gocompare song. beat that one.
  • Codify
    Come on, don't tell me you've never sung along to the GoCompare and WeBuyAnyCar ad jungles/
  • Sh
    Wow! That's a shit ad
  • zleet
    I fucking hate those meerkat adverts for If you use 'simples' in a sentence I reserve to right to stab out your voice-box and sterilize you for the benefit of future generations.
  • chris
    Tenalady, just the thought of the faint whiff of incontinence.
  • zleet
    What about those ladies who think talking about taking a hard shit is 'Sex and the City' brunch talk.

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