Commercial Break: Ad virgin Pacino plugs some caawwfee

19 July 2010

The world as we know it will never be the same again. Ageing short-arse acting dynamo Al Pacino has finally buckled and made an advert, for reasons best known only to himself.

And here it is – filmed tastefully in monochrome, Al minces about manfully while growling the praises of coffee, important as it is for someone like Al whose job is to do some pretending sometimes. Must be fucking knackering mate.

If you were the head of the Global Coffee Marketing Board, you’d declare the ad to be a big hit. If you’re the CEO of the coffee brand allegedly being plugged (we couldn’t remember or be arsed to go back and check) you’d probably be less enamoured with it.

Still, eh… mug of Kenco anyone?

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  • Jim
    Nick Drake will be spinning in his grave at the soulless cretins who have licensed his music to be used for this shit.

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