Commercial Break: A serious look at road accident etiquette

Here at Bitterwallet, we’ve got the bit between our teeth this week when it comes to providing important information for confused motorists. Yesterday of course, we brought you an Irish road safety ad that calmly explained how to drive around a roundabout.

Today, we move on to what could happen if you get your roundabout manoeuvre wrong – we speak of course about the humble road accident. What is the procedure regarding the aftermath of a small collision. Fret not – it’s all here for you.

Unfortunately, it’s all in Romanian and the fact that it stars scantily-clad women on space hoppers might be somewhat distracting for a few of you, but we hope that you get the important legal message that is being conveyed.


  • Dick
    What is the point of women bouncing on space hoppers if there is no close-up of their tits?
  • FFS
    One on the right, every time.
  • Pedant
    I'm not sure whats going on here but I am aroused.
  • hippy
    so i thinhk i get it now, if you have an accident swap details with the other driver, but if the other driver becomes aggressive, then call the police! Its amazing what you learn when 3 barely clothed women act it out for you.
  • Nob
    I think what they are saying is that in Romania, if you crash into someone else riding a space hopper then you get anally raped by a bikini-cop with a truncheon. Shame they cut the ending.
  • Andreea
    It is actually a commercial for a car insurance company, trying to explain what you need to do in case you have an accident - that applies if you have a contract with them, of course.

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