Commercial Break: a new way to sell houses

17 March 2011

Estate agents are vermin aren’t they readers? Look at the pair who have made this ad for a luxury house that they’re trying to flog in Australia.

We’re not sure how it’s supposed to make you want to invest in some property but a lingerie model tied to a chair? Implied lesbian activity? A daring raid by CTU-type operatives? It’s high octane stuff but we’d rather find out if it’s got a power shower or not. Disgraceful.

If this doesn’t appal you sufficiently, there’s another one here. We’re not sure which one disgusts us the most so we’ll be watching them both throughout the day while we decide.

[Watch With Mothers]

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  • Mark C.
    ...for the man who has everything, and likes to kidnap underwear models. Selling points include... - Wipe clean surfaces throughout - Secluded location - no one will ever hear the screams! - Close to the sea - for convenient body-dumping.
  • bob
    I'll take it... ... provided I get to smash all three of the models.

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