Clampdown on hidden theatre ticket costs

27 February 2013

A typical theatre-goer, this morning

The ASA is going to town on those who sell theatre tickets with "misleading hidden costs", after ruling against four theatre websites. If they could have a pop at pointless costs attached to gig tickets as well, that'd be great.

The Old Vic, Ambassador Theatre Group, the AKA Group's site for A Chorus of Disapproval and Charing Cross Theatre all gave misleading ticket prices, said the watchdog, noting that up to £3 extra in costs were being slapped on, and it wasn't exactly clear why.

ASA's chief executive Guy Parker said: "We are clamping down on misleading hidden costs. The rulings about advertised prices for theatre tickets make clear that sellers must include all compulsory fees and charges in quoted ticket prices and be more up-front about booking fees."

"These pricing practices are simply not fair. They draw us in on a false promise. Our rulings send a clear signal to advertisers: sort out your pricing so we all get a fair deal."

A statement from the Ambassador Theatre Group said: "The ASA advised us that informing customers at the beginning of the booking process that a fee or charge may apply and to then confirm the amount of that fee later in the booking process needed revision."

"We have embarked on a series of improvements to the information on our website to ensure that ticket prices and any fees charged for purchasing online are clearly available to customers at the beginning of the booking process as well."

They then flounced off quoting Shakespeare before talking to themselves in the mirror, blind drunk on gin and turps, before taking it out on a lackey and trying to make improper passes at them. Probably.


  • Idi A.
    I once bought tickets to see a popular bea combo at the NEC Arena. I had no alternative but to cough up a credit card fee because they "didn't have the facility to accept cash". I was also charged a hefty "arrangement fee" PER TICKET even though I was there in person, bought them both at the same time, and the whole transaction took maximum two minutes. They make Ryanair look like reasonable honest traders.
  • Phuck Y.
    If the tickets are hidden, how does one find them to clamp-down on them?

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