Cigarette or French oral?

enhanced-buzz-21666-1266930922-20 From mad ads in Denmark (albeit spoof ones) to mad ads in France. Worryingly, these ones are for real.

There’s generally no argument when it comes to the idea that smoking is bad for you and various shock tactics have been used in an attempt to get smokers to knock it on the head.

Now the French have gone all weird with the whole thing and are suggesting that if you smoke, you’re a slave to tobacco,  the slogan “Fumer c'est etre l'esclave du tabac” translating as “Smoking is like being tobacco's slave.” Furthermore, they’ve illustrated the theory by creating a series of, erm, dubious images showing how that slavery might manifest itself.

Smoke a tab and you’re basically giving the tobacco executive and his ilk a blow job, and they don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl. But it does seem that they like ‘em young. Holy mother of ding dong.


  • David
    why are people in other European Countries so fucking weird? You rarely get stoopid ads like this in the UK. Is it just the UK that is normal? Tarrant on TV was filled with bizarre adverts from all over the World full of weirdos and advertisements that look like they were devised by a man that eats his own poo.
  • F. F.
    So, smoking makes men gay? Women who smoke suck more? Wow...
  • phil l.
    All smokers are drag artists.
  • andy y.
    there's something perhaps not quite legal about that pic?
  • mizzle
    french oral please
  • alex
    fucking funny ad. right on.
  • Brian
    Brian here. any pictures of a female engaging in ORAL sex and smoking at the same time? Thanks
  • Kevin K.
    The Europeans are blatantly more graphic and less PC in their ads. Maybe it works.
  • The B.
    I wonder if the reason European countries are so "weird" is because they're grown up about sex? Maybe that's the reason they aren't populated by chavs born of one night stands whose mother can't remember which one of the 8 that night was the father?
  • Nobby
    Well I think it is a good ad. It gets the point across very well. Better than the crap anti-smoking ads our government commissions.
  • Saf
    The French are great!
  • Robin
    I gotta admit. That hand on the dad is se very
  • Robin

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