Chinese ad makes Queen Of Hearts look like a bit of a tart

1 September 2010

Yesterday, we commemorated the anniversary of the death of Princess Diana in as tasteful a way as we could muster – by showing you an old ad where a lookalike of the People’s Princess whizzes through the night in a car.

Unfortunately, not everyone treats the memory of the Queen Of Hearts with such respect and reverence. Check out this DISGUSTING advert from China for a range of lingerie that is tastelessly named after Her Deadjesty.


Horrible isn’t it? While also being fiercely arousing, obviously. Our in-house translators (the Daily Mail’s website) tell us that the ad urges us to ‘Feel the Romance of British Royalty’.

We’ve been gawping at it for an hour and there’ll be something getting else felt before long if we’re being completely honest…

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  • Nobby
    It looks like she's got her feet clamped in some sort of modern twist on a medieval torture device.
  • akiss
    My cock is now sticking up above my jeans.
  • Mark C.
    Nice to see the Fail respecting the memory of their fragrant (and I suspect she is very fragrant by now) People's Princess by reprinting the advert in question in all its salacious glory.
  • Paul
    If people are interested in what Di (or rather, dead, as it's past tense) would think, maybe they could BUY HER STUNNING NEW BOOK FROM Right, Andy?
  • The B.
    Hmm, the advert makes her look a bit of a tart but shagging people down the gym made her a saint?
  • klingelton
    i heard she was an alcoholic. She was seen gulping down a pint of Carling...
  • crap
  • Junkyard
    Mmm, nothing like a bit of else felt, eh Andy?
  • Zeddy
    Why is Julie Andrews wearing tiara? Oh right, she's Shrek's mum-in-law. Who the fuck is Diana?
  • Nobby
    I still haven't worked out why Anakin Skywalker is holding up the music.

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