Careful now young shaver!

Taken from the strange and distant world of vintage advertising, here’s a young man who isn’t prepared to let a small problem like being a baby from stopping him getting involved in grown-up, adult stuff like shaving.

The poster’s slogan says ‘No stropping, no honing’ but if any of the babies we know had a bash at this, there’d be a major strop within seconds.

Have times really changed since this advert was made? Is this any better or worse than a deranged pop star dangling a baby over a balcony to the delight of hundreds of his fans? It’s so confusing.

More shaving news soon!


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  • Rhinestone
    A baby trying to shave with a safety razor would be great TV.
  • Pope I.
    A baby trying to shave with a straight razor would be much, much better TV.
  • zeddy
    A baby trying to shave with a gay razor would be just plain silly.
  • Brian
    WARNING to BitterWalley readers, don't shave your knob in the shower....i did this and it BLOCKED the shower and my mother had to pay £65 for a Polish plumber to un-block it.
  • wet d.
    Thanks gillet that whyt I have a 1 inch scar on my chin you fuckers trying to shave at 6 years old, fell off the stool and bit through my chin
  • Felacio N.
    It's not a baby. It's just Phil Mitchell.

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