Calsberg troll 'Beach Body' ads

1 May 2015

You'll remember the Protein World advert which made a load of people angry - while the owner of the company said people who were defacing them were 'terrorists', they're not the only ones who want to mock.

Carlsberg decided to do their own response on the London Underground.


While Protein World seemed to actively enjoy the negative attention for their 'body shaming' billboard, Carlsberg decided to paraphrase them with a 'beer body' ad, as you can see above.

The Carlsberg bottle even has a nice pair of yellow bikini bottoms on, just like the advert it mocked with the "Are you beer body ready?" slogan. This of course prompted "If Carlsberg did adverts, they'd probably do the best adverts in the world' pun in everyone's heads.


  • Father J.
    If Carlsberg did beer like they do adverts then it wouldn't be the revolting dog piss that they churn out now.
  • Skymarshall
    "Calsberg troll ‘Beach Body’ ads" It's good... But it's not quite Carlsberg..

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