Buying stuff because others do it?

Buying too much stuff, because others say you should?  Watching the temperature gauge on HUKD worried you'd miss out on a deal?

Here's proof that you may not be making all the choices you think you are.

And all this time, you thought it was because you wanted it...


  • Anna
    That was brilliant, I laughed a lot! I buy so much stuff I don't even need!
  • Vince W.
    haha thanks Anna. Trust me, you're not the only one... Have you read the article on debt addiction? :)
  • Dr J.
    Great video, great article Loving the site
  • JCB
    the heat on Horukdeals is governed by the merchants....
  • Paul N.
    No it's not. Have you ever clicked vote cold or hot?
  • JCB
    ...was a joke inspired by the video Paul.
  • Paul N.
    lol ok I'm thick as.... ;)

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