Burger King's Triple Whopper Makes You 'Eat Like Snake'

7 December 2011

OH JESUS CHRIST! There's some barmy adverts out there in the big weird world, but this Korean Burger King commercial has to be up there with the oddest. Essentially, a man sees a triple Whopper and decides he wants it. And down in one it goes as a song backs him demanding we 'eat like snake' and 'unhinge our jaw'. HOLY COW!


  • Dick
    It's good that they put all the meat at the bottom, and not interlayered with salad. That way, you can just flick the salad out quicker than if it is layered.
  • Mike H.
    The Mrs. takes my tripple whopper like a snake, whole and straight down the throat
  • Sicknote
    There was a chap next to me on the train from London last night eating a Burger King, fries, onion rings and full fat coke and he was what I would describe as morbidly obese. Eating this shit makes you fat - FACT!
  • Dick
    Are you sure he was eating it? Some fat people have evolved so they just suck in burgers through their nostrils and fries through the pores in their skin.
  • wingZero

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