Budweiser reckon booze-free beer is more popular!

30 December 2014

cameron_beer440 Budweiser brewer - the dastardly AB Inbev - reckon that alcohol-free beer is the way forward. And yes, we're all thinking of the same joke - there's so little alcohol content in a bottle of Bud that it is little wonder they're shouting about booze-free drinks.

Anyway, they think that young people these days, are more health conscious and that they'd just love a load of beer that won't get them drunk.

The company already make Beck's Blue, which is favoured by pregnant women down the pub, who are trying to not announce their imminent baby (although, that said, we've seen a few heavily pregnant women getting stuck into pints of Sourz as well), and AB Inbev assure the world that it is the most popular alcohol-free beer in the UK.

Baby Beck's saw volume sales up 16.4% this year and AB Inbev reckon that British adults are more at ease with boozeless beer than they used to be.

It seems that the Millenials (the people aged between 18 and 34) are eight times more likely than over 65s to choose alcohol-free beers. The statistics (obviously, largely useless statistics, but we need something to write about) show that those drinking alcohol-free beer are doing it to make a good impression with the in-laws or doing it to cut down on their booze intake after Christmas.

So why are AB Inbev cooing at the Millenials? Well, their earnings are dropping, and during the last quarter, volumes were down 9.8%. It seems adults who like drinking beer would rather not buy this company's wares. And how can blame them? They make, what is colloquially known as, 'piss'. And the decent beers they bought, they seem to be meddling with the ingredients, which means booze-hounds are looking elsewhere.

With that, they're going to start offering alcohol-free ale to people, with the angle of it being a 'health choice'. A huge marketing push is expected during the new year. You've been warned.

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  • Fagin
    Michelob was a tasty A /Busch beer, but they pulled it ..despite sales doing well (this was years ago admittedly). & most of the young folk I saw down the pub were getting pilled up, a few soft drinks between them... no wonder our local pubs were closing. So with pill shaped chemical enhancers cheaper than a night on old goat scrotum & other beers I cannot get my head around the authenticity of the claim for low alcohol beers being the favoured variant sorted for e's & whiz!?
    Micro breweries and decent real ale are on the rise, folk are fed up with this corporate chemical piss sold at extortionate prices in pubs and clubs.Its time beer and lager production fell in line with Germany's purity laws so at least you have some idea of what is in the glass.Many years ago Newcastle Breweries changed the brewing process for Brown Ale, they started using cheap rice rather than hops and barley,, the result is a brown chemical piss of greatly reduced strength they have the gall to sell as genuine Newcastle Brown Ale.
    Cameron doing his best Farage impression.

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