Body Shop packaging - it's what's on the inside that counts

"The Body Shop believes that there is only one way to beautiful — Nature's Way.

"For many years, The Body Shop has constantly sought out wonderful natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe, and brings you products bursting with effectiveness to enhance your natural beauty. While doing all of this The Body Shop also strives to protect this beautiful planet and the people who depend on it — not because it's fashionable, but based on the belief that it's the only way to do business.

"Being a green retailer is in our DNA at The Body Shop. It always has and always will be. From day one, our policy has been 'Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.' We avoid excess packaging whenever possible."

Comforting. Caring. Noble. All very good, says avid Bitterwallet reader Steven, until you actually order a Body Shop product through the post. A small tube of hand cream, for example:

Bitterwallet - Body Shop packaging 1

Bitterwallet - Body Shop packaging 2


  • -]
    The Body Shop is owned by L'Oreal (not known for their green credentials), L'Oreal is partially owned by Nestle (known for being the very opposite of green). Anyone surprised that any company linked to the previous three uses greenwash to make it look like they care about anything but profit? Didn't think so...
  • Mark C.
    If I recall correctly, there's only one use a chap has for hand cream, and it's not to achieve silky soft digits...
  • zax
    Mark C, I thot it was lotion!
  • Paul
  • PokeHerPete
    Looks like the hemp hand protector to me, thus Mark's statement stands!
  • Darren
    Does anyone care about being green??? Im sick to death of all this climate crap, it arrived didn't it?
  • oliverreed
    Hand cream? Lube for a hand shandy more like!
  • the p.
    @darren - no it didn't arrive - I had to drive 10 miles to the post office because it wouldn't fit through the letter box.

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