Blackmail advertising is the way forward!

Advertising is, for the most part, rubbish. Humourless, dreary, piss-weak rubbish. However, sometimes, someone somewhere gets it right. And this outdoor billboard is an example of someone getting it spot-on, while simultaneously creating 'blackmail advertising'.

blackmail advert

This isn't just some tubby bloke in his underpants. This campaign by Y&R Not Just Film, is part of a blackmail series we sees our man stripping off his clothes bit by bit in an attempt to get someone to buy the advertising space. How does it end? Do Wimpy end up branding their logo on the man's arse?

Click here to find out and see the whole run.

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  • Boris
    How'd they get that photo of you Mof? Ha ha ha! He he he. I'm so funny.

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