Bitterwallet factoid of the day - a new bike means a good ride

It's quite a bold claim to make, but we assume the Swiss firm behind this advert for a bicycle manufacturer - as spotted by eagle-eyed Bitterwallet reader Luke - can provided substantial evidence that riding one will see you getting some yankee doodle in less than 24 hours:

Bitterwallet - riding gets you laid


  • blagga
    I usually get stuck on the sun rising above the horizon part.
  • Nobby
    Not just yankee doodle, but yankee doodle with a chick from the FHM boobs cruise.
  • Darren
    I think she has actually made a citizen's arrest because he crashed his bike into hers on a boat.
  • Nobby
    Or maybe a wrestling match with Rob Van Dam.
  • Mike S.
    surely the perfect day should be yanke doodle with at least two girls!?
  • Night R.
    I've ordered two. I hope they're twins.
  • Lately w.
    [...] (this picture seen at BitterWallet). [...]

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