Big fish, little fish, cardboard box

That's a smartcard reader, that is. Conveniently delivered in a box over 100 times its size:

[TwitPic] via @thisismattball on Twitter


  • Mike H.
    Come on FFS, first we complain about insufficient packaging, then, when something is overly packaged, we go ballistic!
  • nlambert
    Who gives a flying fcuk!! At least it wont get lost in the post! Some people just have nothin better to do with there time than complain about everything
  • Hairy S.
    Well, obviously nlambert you are one of these people who have nothin better to than complain about everything. I am currently at work at the minute so i do have more important issues to be addressing, however i just thought it was necessary to reply.
  • MikeBeaver
    Well, I am pretty sure it couldnt have been, I don;tthnk they have boxes this big dothey? Mike..
  • Ben
    When I worked for Currys (UK electronics retailler!), I once had a 1GB SD card arrive in a box measuring 90cmx50cmx50cm. At first I thought they'd sent an empty box or the delivery driver had stolen the contents.

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