'Beach Body' ads protested by 'terrorists'

You may have seen the adverts that ask "are you beach body ready?" to the women of Britain, which has seen a lot of people getting really annoyed. Meal replacement and protein products are being flogged with the promise of thinness, which has seen people daubing the commercials in graffiti.

The irritation is so strong that there's a Change.org petition, which says that these adverts are "aiming to make [individuals] feel physically inferior to the unrealistic body image of the bronzed model, in order to sell their product".

beach body

Whether or not you agree with the vandalism/activism, one thing you'll invariably find odd is the stance from Protein World Chief Executive Arjun Seth.

Arjun's response is typically defensive, telling Channel 4 News the adverts are "aspirational". So far, so typical - one camp being angry and the other saying 'what's the fuss?'

Seth then added something quite bizarre. He noted that he'd only take notice of the petition if it got 1,000,000 signatures, and then dismissed those that had already signed it, by saying: "They're terrorists, you can quote me on that". Terrorists! You can imagine that someone who has had their legs blown off by terrorists is thrilled to learn that Protein World feels that they've been the victim of terrorist action, by people drawing on some posters with pens.

Seth added that this controversy is good for business: "It's good - we gained about 20,000 followers in the last few days. Sales have gone up significantly. What people like is we are standing up for our brand," adding that campaigners are "extremist, they shout a lot, these people are irrational and extremist, vandalising adverts".

Meanwhile, the Advertising Standards Authority are weighing up what they're going to do about all this, with no immediate decision made.


  • Albi
    Why is it 'unrealistic'? Plenty of 20 year olds look like that. She's a normal woman with an ideal BMI.
  • Han S.
    I'm fat. Not everyone is though so it's not an unrealistic body image it's just one that not everyone has. Fat models should be used so women who are naturally slim think they're underweight and develop eating disorders?
  • Father J.
    I can't believe that shit like this ad is still tolerated in the 21st century...
  • Thanks, B.
    [...] to express their opposition to something they do not agree with. Rather than demonise people as "terrorists", which only invites more controversy, Protein World should respect the implications that arise from [...]
  • Les D.
    Ah, not even a mention of feminism or the bomb threat the company received. No mention of the one yes ONE complaint that the ASA received. Crap social justice reporting as usual.

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