'Be Stupid' Diesel ads banned by ASA


Have you seen those Diesel ads that extol the virtues of stupidity? They're a post-modern reflection of an ironic take on s... a twist on the... uh... something or other. Who give a shit? They've been banned.

Despite the promotions winning some awards, the ASA have judged them unsuitable to be seen by children. The ones that have caused most fuss at one that includes some boobies and another on, pictured above, of a woman taking a picture of her minge.

So what level of outrage does it take to get an advert banned? Well, these received a paltry 33 complaints, basically griping about how unsuitable they are for child eyes, how offensive they were generally and that they encouraged behaviour that was anti-social.

Now, on paper, when you read that a poster featured an image of a woman standing outdoors in a bikini, opening her bikini bottoms with one hand and taking a photograph of her genitals with the other, you'd be forgiven for think that she was showing us her bat-wings... but look at it. It is far from sordid in any way, right?

The other banned poster features a woman flashing her tits at a CCTV camera on some stepladders. Of course, we're happy to show them here, just in case any kids are reading. Or anyone who is the kind of disgruntled chump who writes in to Points Of View muttering about dirty lesbians or something.


BrandRepublic reports that Diesel reckon the poster and press activity showed the women on the ladder "in a non-exploitative way" and, furthermore, that the message tackled pre-occupation with 24/7 camera surveillance in a light and unthreatening manner.

Aye, alright.

Diesel argued there was nothing within the content of the ads that was offensive and that they did not contain any provocative nudity beyond the usual amounts shown in many swimwear, sportswear or lingerie ads. The ASA ruled that the poster ads breached codes on "decency". I would've thought the one with the girl sat on a lad's face would've been more inappropriate, but there you go. And with that last statement, we've lost all our readers to people doing Google image searches.


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    Is that Liz Hurley on the top one? Would be very interested in seeing the photo she is taking.
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    Talking of paed's did you know that Mof Gimmers anagrams to Me Frigs Mom. Mof - we're all there for you, if you need to talk.
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    If stupid has the balls, does this mean they are trannies?
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