Battle of the billboards: Audi 0 - 1 BMW

15 April 2009

Anybody who works is advertising and marketing is undoubtedly a social pariah or a bunch of organs that'll hopefully be donated sooner rather than later. But occasionally such sub-humans manage to pull off some subtle yet entirely brilliant campaign that suggests there may be more to their whore-mongering minds than simply robbing you by every legal avenue possible.

For instance, when the smartarses at Audi's marketing HQ decided to stick it to BMW on a billboard in LA, some bigger but altogether cleverer smartarses at BMW's agency literally beat them at their own game:

Taxi for Audi.



  • Adam H.
    Pure brilliance
  • Nick W.
  • acecatcher3
  • roflcopter
    haha that is classic. rofl pimped daewoo get a v8 in that ting loool :P
  • Advertising H.
    [...] Humour I like this. Battle of the billboards: Audi 0 - 1 BMW | BitterWallet __________________ My sites: Free iphone 3G 4U, Gadget 4 Free Useful Threads:Website Building [...]
  • subtle? n.
    Whilst it is slightly amusing, it is definitely not the "subtle" you promised in the lead up. ;-p
  • Midea B.
    [...] Most adverts are irritating flecks of minutiae that do nothing but present a very clear reason why the product in question is the last thing you’d want in your life. Some, on the other hand, are very clever indeed. It’s not always a question of what the product is or what the advert says about it, but where the ad appears. [...]
  • virgil
    Good post!Thanks for the good reading!

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