Auctiva give customers the hard sell, didn't really mean to

29 June 2009

Auctiva is a site for hardcore eBay power users; it produces management software and tools so you can sell more items and spend less time listing them - templates, listing software, image hosting and so on. But how good are Auctiva at selling themselves?

Of course it's no surprise whatsoever that companies will try anything to force us into a sale, but most aren't stupid enough to tell the consumer. Bitterwallet reader Guy Gibson received an email from Auctiva at the weekend:

"An hour and a half later they sent the same email again, but this time with the subject line "Time is running out". Looks like someone dropped a bollock and sent the test out to all of their customers. Whoops."

Anymore spectacular mailing list mistakes out there? You know what to do with them by now. You don't? Send them to [email protected], that's what.

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  • vinylandtrinkets
    i use auctiva, signed up for the free package and listed 20 items with no problem,
  • Pure-Klenz
    I keep getting emails from nigerians and doctors selling pills to enhance my member...
  • Amanda H.
    That £2.99 poster of Kelly Brook enhanced my member.

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