Asda to show Christmas ad tonight - get mad about it here, first

Asda have shared their Christmas 2015 advert a full seven weeks before Christmas, which is set to annoy numerous people. It was shown off in the middle of X Factor, but no-one is watching that anymore, so it is our duty to let you get irked by it here, on the internet.

And the advert stars Fleur East, who is also off the X Factor. Remember her? Course you don't. You've got memories like sieves. Anyway, have a look.

As you can hear, Fleur East is singing something that sounds a bit like 'Uptown Funk' after she sang 'Uptown Funk' on the show, and it sounded half decent.

It also stars a family covering their stuff with Christmas lights and someone trying to plant a smacker on a colleague under the mistletoe. So far, so Christmas by numbers. One thing that is vaguely pleasing, is that Asda haven't gone for any of that tear-jerking nonsense. Asda see Christmas as something to fart and laugh through, rather than weep frozen tears all over an orphaned animal.

A spokesman for Asda said: "The stories in the adverts come from customers themselves who told us about all the extreme efforts they go to fully enjoy this time of year. Our customers have told us they love the run-up to Christmas as much as the big day itself."

"So we've taken their feedback on board to launch the first series of ads that capture the anticipation of the season from the very first moments."

Lidl have also put their Christmas advert out too, but they haven't put it on YouTube, so they can kiss our hole if they think they think we're faffing about finding it.

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