ASA uphold complaint against Virgin Media's 'con' advert

30 June 2011

Virgin_logoThe Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have slapped the wrists of Virgin Media eight times (or, if you prefer, upheld eight out of eight complaints) after BT and Sky were angered by Virgin Media's 'Stop the Broadband Con' advertising campaign.

Basically, Virgin wanted to point out that ISPs don't deliver the broadband speeds they claim, taking umbrage with the whole 'speeds of up to' get-out clause so frequently used.

Not wholly unreasonable you might think. However, the ASA objected to Virgin's continued statements that consumers are being "conned" and the implication that ISPs deal with customers dishonestly. In addition to that, embarrassingly, the ASA also judged that Virgin were exaggerated claims.

Basically, don't talk yourself up and shoot your mouth off about everyone else or people will get angry and grass you up to the ASA.

If you'd like to read more about BT and Sky complaints, as well as Virgin's attempts to justify their claims, then visit the ASA website here. Warning. It is very, very dry.


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  • Dick
    Did they uphold the claim that their staff are all virgins?
  • james D.
    Trouble is, virgin also offer ADSL services, this campaign essentially slagged off some of their own products.
  • Patricia M.
    Well well well... Virgin Media is a total fraud, they told me I owe them money but I have never been one of their customers, I have never used nor own a virgin mobile phone nor landline, do not have a virgin media broadband nor tv, I have never flew with them neither. When I asked them to send me any paper work or invoice they refuse. Is this fraud or not?

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