ASA spank Virgin Media over anti-Sky mailshot

15 September 2010

Sky buys Virgin Media for £160 millionThe ASA have banned an anti-BSkyB advertising campaign run by Virgin Media after Murdoch's lot complained it was misleading and denigratory. They failed to mention 'reasonably funny for it's cheekiness'.

Of course, BSkyB look like whining bitches over all this as they've had their wrists slapped in the past after running anti-Virgin Media promos. This of course, didn't stop them from lodging a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority about this mailshot from Virgin Media.

Virgin's campaign ran the headline "Why Virgin TV is better than Sky TV by ex-Sky customers" and included testimonials that were highly critical of BSkyB's customer service and interrupted picture quality. The mail ads went further by claiming that Virgin offers high-def channels for free, while Sky charges £10 extra a month. They then finished with a flourish that claimed that Virgin has free set-up while Sky charges about £60.

The thing is, BSkyB pointed out that the Virgin ad was misleading over set-up prices because the comparison was with its own special offer and BSkyB's standard set-up price and stamped their feet adding that Virgin has "significantly fewer" HD channels, report The Guardian.

The ASA ruled that Virgin's comments were denigratory and likely to mislead people. Now the advert is banned and Virgin's marketing men are probably chuckling into their soyaccinos.

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  • hippy1001
    virgin is way better than sky, if my v+ box (which i got for free after it was just released) breaks i get a new one for free! free HD channels, loads of free on demand hd programs, get a virgin drop box for online file storage, and i get excellent broadband internet through fiber optic cable, rather than skys old copper bt lines broadband. And my house gets to keep its walls free from a crappy looking dish. of corse i dont know who is the bigger dick, branson or murdoch, but both companies are even on that i think.
  • Darren
    Wish I could get Virgin, but they are not available in my area, how shitty.... Sky are crap. useless service, their HD Boxes have major issues on a single feed, and the engineers haven't got a clue what the problem is.
  • Jamie
    Virgin bumpals out of the shadows clearly. I personally have had no issues with Sky, customer service or use of the box. IN fact I quite enjoy not having to wait 3 secs every time I want to change channels. The platform used on Virgin boxes is quite frankly shit.

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