ASA clear rapey Pepsi Max advert

The ASA have cleared a Pepsi Max advert. Now, just that sentence alone should sicken you. That's because, of all the annoying commercials on TV, the Pepsi Max ones are the worst. Wacky office pricks all swaggering about and drinking cockless sugar-free pop, showing the world that they couldn't ever hope to rub their members against someone of the opposite sex unless they concoct huge stunts that make normal people want to repeatedly kick them until there is nothing left of them but a greasy, bloody little stain on their shoe.

However, this particular ad' features a man getting his end away by making a woman feel like it is the end of the world. Her abject fear and vulnerability is used as a ploy to rummage around in her knickers. Sadly, the commercial doesn't show her afterwards, crying at the foot of her stairs because three men clearly went to great lengths to groom their victim for a quick rutting session, conducted in public on the dirty floor of a bar leaving the poor woman feeling like a barnyard animal.

As you can see from the video, the men have their way with the woman by breaking a news story which says: "I can now officially confirm that a huge asteroid is on a collision course with Earth and will destroy all life."

Of the complaints, most viewers thought the ad was harmful because it condoned deception as a means of obtaining sex, condoned rape or sexual assault and promoted casual sex. Nearly as many complainers believed the ad was sexist, demeaned women and portrayed men as sexual predators.

The ASA investigated all the complaints but ruled that no further action should be taken, arguing that the ad presented a "fantastical" scenario and was unlikely to cause widespread offence. They then cracked open a refreshing tin of Pepsi Rohypnol - The Taste Of A New Generation. Possibly.



  • Ted S.
    I don't see the problem. You don't see him insert it.
  • PaulH
    @Ted the Shed In your mind he did though, you dirty little urchin!
  • Ed B.
    Disgusting advert.
  • tfeb
    Naff advert but a cracking idea none the less. She is obv gagging for it!
  • GB
    My main concern is the lame-arse dancing at the end of those adverts.
  • Justin M.
    Haven't they just ripped off a Ricky Gervais scene from The Invention of Lying?
  • RTB
    "The asteroid will impact in less than 10 minutes". Of course, a REAL man takes far longer than this to make sure his lady is satisfied. 10 minutes is just foreplay.
  • A.D
    Any advert that doesnt have an annoying jingle to it or pathetic acting in it gets my vote. There aren't many adverts that you can sit through these days but the odd comes along. Admittedaly, this is just a lame prank but i'd feel more comfortable watching this over go compare.
  • Zleet
    What, so now I'm not allowed fib to women I'm a jet pilot, race car driver and international financier? Next you'll be telling me I can't use Chloroform.
  • Mysterious F.
    The same thing happened in Grease 2* and that wasn't banned. They should have banned the first one too, to be sure. *You all already knew that, you were just too ashamed to admit it.
  • Kevin
    It was a nuclear attack in Grease 2 ;)And he didn't get anywhere as the others fell in through the door when they were trying to listen to them at it. I'm not ashamed ;)
  • Fadvertising
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading an opinion which came so close to my own feelings towards the despicable cock-shards that made this advert. I hope you don't mind but I made reference to this article in my post on the same subject entitled "Does This Make Rape Okay?"
  • loool f.
    HALARIOUS ,... i loved it :) even doee im a girl i dont fink there is anything wrong with it at all ;p
  • news
    1 ice

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