ASA clear bone-headed oven gunk ad

The Advertising Standards Authority has dismissed almost 700 complaints that were lodged against an ad for Oven Pride – complaints alleging it was sexist and offensive for suggesting that men are stupid and lazy.

The ASA responded by saying the ad was deliberately, “light-hearted and comical,” using “mild humour to refer to traditional gender stereotypes but considered that the overall impression was such that it did not portray either gender in a way that stigmatised, humiliated or undermined them by blah blah blah blah....”

Of course, it should have really been banned for looking as if it cost about £8.93 to put together and having all the production values of something that a below-average GCSE Media Studies class would put together for their end-of-term project. Or a group of go-getting young business types all striving to be Sir Alan Sugar’s next Apprentice.

Judge for yourself…



  • Scott
    That's a shocking advert, is that seriously going on our screens?
  • Mike H.
    Yeah, it's OK that we can be sexist towards males as, 'we can take it' but woe betide if we are the least bit sexist towards women. It's just as well the male can take things like this where as women will throw a massive wobbly (see early DELLA post) at the slightest whiff of sexism.
  • Ducky
    Possibly the worst advert I have ever seen...
  • Jeffrey
    Indeed Mike. This world is becoming increasingly sexist against males but apparently its perfectly acceptable. You should see our workplace. I've literally heard our HR people say, in these exact words, 'No, we can't give him an interview because we want a woman' on more than one occasion. All the girls in the office get paid more for doing much more basic work (I'm an engineer with 10 years experience and I get the same as a girl that does basic office administration work). They get away with far more (turn up at what time they like/leave early whenever they want and nobody bats an eyelid - If the lads turn up 5 minutes late because of traffic etc we get dragged into the CEO), and they get the jobs that take them travelling all over the world when they want etc. Annoying.
  • Mike U.
    Good the see the women was knocked up in the advert Some things never change !!! So easy every man can DO IT!!!
  • Jack
    I remember seeing that advert on TV, its a really crap ad, and could be offensive. I think its just stupid though,especially the womans voice at the end, I mean WTF is that
  • Mark M.
    Being sexist is OK if men are the victims. PLay recently had a punchbag for girls where they could put a picture of their ex on it. Would it have been OK to sell a different version to males? I think not
  • Jeffrey
    Indeed. Apparently women hitting men is bulging in comedy value. Whereas men hitting women results in a call for them to be given a life sentence and/or 'their balls chopped off'.
  • Matt
    "Note: No men were harmed during the making of this commercial". That, coupled with the FUCKING GIGGLE at the end made my face melt off. And that wasn't a man - it was a quivering wreck who danced with a grill, thus belonging to a mental institution. In fact, that woman probably baked him and he came out a bit wrong. As a serious note, I can take sexism directed towards men, safe in the knowldge I am physically far stronger than any shitty insult, and can retort with headlocks, boston crabs and sleeper holds to silence the source of irritation. Repeat offences are treated with "stop hitting yourselfs".

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