ASA ban Argos ad over delivery time claim

Argos are facing the prospect of rejigging their TV ads after the Advertising Standards Authority came down hard on them over the wording used as part of their recent ‘walrus and penguin’ campaign.

The ads state that deliveries could take place “at a time that’s right for you,” when in fact there are only two delivery slots available to customers – morning and evening.

Complaining viewers argued that such vague delivery slots could not be described as being “a time that’s right for you” and the ASA agreed, believing that the claim implied that customers could choose a more exact time.

The adverts cannot be shown again in their current form. It is unknown whether or not anyone questioned the concept that penguins regularly make deliveries to walruses and there is no indication as to whether the Argos Bing Crosby ad will be banned for being a crime against humanity.


  • Rb
    Shame the video's one that's set to private. No watching it for me :(
  • Andy D.

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