Arguably the finest retro ads for polyester slacks that you'll see today...

Picture 4Here’s something that won’t muck about with your delicate state this Saturday morning... MUCH. Purloined from BuzzFeed, it’s some 1971 ads for Lee trousers.

The concept behind the campaign? Lion’s heads. Genius.








  • zeddy
    When he finished with those adverts and retired was that Lion old & rich eh? Bastard! A fiver to the person who can construct a similar sentence without the ampersand.
  • zacspeed
    I want my Mum :-(
  • grex9101
    @zacspeed So do I, so do I....
  • nospamjl
    WTF! Is dis real?
  • Boris
    He wears them with such pride.
  • Bart
    Do they crease when you leave them Lion around.
  • andy y.
    Well,it's different.But it's not a fox.
  • Another A.
    That's actually a pretty classy ad campaign
  • Gary M.
    Bet they are low MANEtenence too!
  • @hill79
    I like how the first 5 adverts are completely sure Lee CAN change your image, but by Ad 6 they've lost their confidence a little and only claim they 'could'
  • Dick
    The last one is a bit gay.
  • Sid V.
    The back of todays Metro isn't too dissimilar. Apologies to anyone unfortunate enough to live up North.

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