Are kids still watching booze ads?

18 December 2013

The Advertising Standards Authority have decided to start testing whether alcohol adverts are breaking the rules when it comes to exposing minors to the delights – I mean, dangers – of booze.

kids booze

It’s in response to a report by Ofcom earlier this year that suggested that children may still be exposed to alcohol adverts – for example on plus one channels, or when gawping at Saturday night telly.

As a result of the report, the ASA has already been investigating 1009 possible breaches in the TV schedules. And from next year, it’s also going to assess the impact that changing viewing habits have on children’s exposure to alcohol advertising. As part of the clamp down, broadcasters will be given strict rules about what ads to run on time-shifted channels and shows that go on for bloody ever, like the X-Factor.

Maybe the ASA should also try to work out whether watching a lovely long glug of Baileys going over an ice cube makes kids mad for the booze in later life. Because I doubt it.

Mmm, Baileys.

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  • B1zarroPrim3
    Kids watching them? Hell, I'm not even watching them.
  • jim
    What fucking idiot thinks +1 channels are a problem? They have a LATER watershed!
  • Dick
    ^ So it is a problem when kids get up at 5am and watch TV from 4am. The watershed has an end time too.
  • Dick
    My mistake - ends at 6am, so kids watching at just before 7am may see them on a +1 channel.
  • Old G.
    Bloody Nanny state. Beautifully designed cigarette packets never made me want to rush out and buy a packet when I was a kid and set fire to the contents! Surely those other studies are being ignored? The ones where the majority of people cannot remember what the product being advertised was after watching the advert!

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