Anti-ginger Virgin ad gets clipped by ASA


There has been a secret civil war going on in the UK and it is only now that it is going overground for all to see. We speak of course about the war between the gingers and the non-gingers.

On the pro-coppertop side last week were north-west bus company Strawberry, who briefly offered free travel to those of a gingular persuasion. On the anti-copperknob side were Tesco, who were happy to stock a Christmas card carrying the hate-message: "Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones."

Now the Advertising Standards Authority have stepped in and we hope they’ve had the final say on what is right and what is shite. They’ve ruled against an ad made by Virgin Media which was said to be offensive to all the Hucknalls out there.

The ad, for Virgin's frankly weird Dating In The Dark show, posed the question: "How do you spot a ginger in the dark?” The ASA – which received a whole three complaints – said that it implied that gingers were unattractive people and that the ad was likely to cause “serious offence.”

It has now been withdrawn and to us, this feels like that moment when Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney got together on that piano in the Ebony & Ivory video before nailing racism up on a big cross and setting fire to it. Metaphorically of course.

Let the hate end. Let gingers and non-gingers come together at this special time of year and celebrate the birthday of baby Santa Claus! Hooray!


  • zpider242
    I don't understand what folk have against redheads. I love a ginger muff I do.
  • TFEB
    lol you should have seen the debate raging over at the hukd forum over that Asda card!
  • Matt
    What the hell, so now we can't make any jokes about any people cos someone might get offened? What about the countless blonde jokes around?
  • LTQ
    It's OK Matt, they don't understand them so no harm done.
  • LTQ
    I DO NOT LOVE THE GINGER ONES, SAYS SANTA SANTA Claus last night condemned ginger haired children, insisting they freak him out and will never be welcome at the North Pole. Santa issued an angry statement after it emerged the supermarket chain Tesco was selling Christmas cards claiming he regarded ginger children as being equal to other kinds of children. He said: "I want to make it absolutely clear that I do not love the ginger ones. In fact, I hate them. They make me physically sick. "Whenever I see one I get totally creeped out. It's like their little ginger fingers are crawling all over my body. And they smell absolutely revolting. "Occasionally one of them will wake up during the night and I'll drop down the chimney only to find myself face to face with this abomination. "They give my reindeers the most appalling diarrhea and the elves suffer from horrifying, vivid nightmares which, as I'm sure you can imagine, leads to some very disturbing toys. "Couldn't we make them all go and live on the Isle of Man or something? Or what about Wales? That would certainly make me a lot jollier." But Davinia Phillips, a mother of three gingers from York, has complained to Tesco insisting the card contravenes her right to have everything exactly the way she wants it all the time and to never be annoyed by anything. Santa added: "Everyone knows that if you hug a ginger child it will explode."
  • Zleet
    Do we as a society really have that little to occupy our time that people are debating if taking the piss out of gingers is racism. No it isn't. Get a life. End of.
  • Gunn
    There have been issues with red hair for hundreds of years now nothing new, it's definitely a prejudice, probably born out of fear or ignorance. Red hair is actually very rare and you know how us humans like to pick on things that are different to the "norm".
  • ronnie
    i agree, we shouldn't mock the afflicted. hopefully, a cure will be found soon.
  • Lemon Its on a pedia, on that tinternet, so it must be the truth.
  • fen-tiger
    Due to an extremely limited local gene pool I have both Ginger hair / fur & Webbed fingers. I do live in the fens though so that's ok. Do I win a prize?
  • Dave K.
    Hi, Dave Kitson here, and I'd like to say that I made it to the lower echelons of the upper tiers of professional football in this country despite being ginger. So that that, Branson!
  • Lemon
    Footballers, should have stayed in school.
  • Wanking H.
    I bum foxes.
  • Lemon
    Do they then have an Auburn, rather than brown eye?
  • fen-tiger
    Orange, the (rightly) defamed mobile phone company is GINGER! ..that explains why it is so fuck annoying & moodily silent when you ask anything of the service! Orange / ginger = tossers of telecomms
  • oliverreed
    Ginger tossers
  • Churchill
    I have red hair . I take offence . anyone who thinks they can abuse other people is pathetic . abuse should not and will not be tolerated. I am glad people are complaining ,just the way I'm complaining now .
  • Desmond L.
    I don't understand... i love gingers! I'm black, but i always did like red hair, frecks, and light colored eyes :) have pride, gingers.. don't let jealous, hate-filled people get you down.

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