And the coolest brand in Britain is.....

Apple Logo What is cool? Is it the Fonz? Is it Justin Bieber? Is it Suzy Dent from dictionary corner? Who knows…

But if you want to know what the coolest brand it, we can tell you. That’s because one of those ‘what is the coolest brand?’ surveys has just been carried out, and guess which name is atop the list – yep, it’s Apple, strutting along like Snoopy in his ‘Joe Cool’ persona.

The Cupertino weirdos have out-cooled Aston Martin this time around, in the survey that was carried out by the aptly-named CoolBrands expert council. The car-makers had previously topped six of the past seven charts, but no more.

It’s a successful poll for popular tech companies, with YouTube, Twitter, Google and Skype all in among the higher echelons. The list in full is below – we’re amazed that there’s no room for Wilkinson’s in there. Have you been in one lately? Hell of vibe. HELL of a vibe….

  1. Apple
  2. YouTube
  3. Aston Martin
  4. Twitter
  5. Google
  6. BBC iPlayer
  7. Glastonbury
  8. Virgin Atlantic
  9. Bang & Olufsen
  10. Liberty
  11. Sony
  12. Bose
  13. Haagen-Dazs
  14. Selfridges
  15. Ben & Jerry's
  16. Mercedes-Benz
  17. Vogue
  18. Skype
  19. Nike
  20. Nikon


  • The M.
    What's cool to people who are bored enough to fill in endless online surveys? Clearly using weighted questions, how else would Virgin Atlantic or Nikon end up in there. How about you just ask people to name what they think is cool rather than give them endless lists to rank? I don't even know what Liberty is. It's clearly not the concept of freedom, else if it were that popular they'd be rioting in the streets at the minute.
  • Sailor S.
    It was a survey of 3000 people! Yes that many so... I'm sold!
  • Mr. P.
    Skype? SKYPE?
  • Cuntfest
    This sounds like some so called "hip" wankers cum fest hit list. Some teen douchebags obvious wet dream.
  • I-rate
    The exact same phone / mp3 player / tablet as every licra clad hoodie from here to Aldi, or a seriously elite machine for transportation that few of us will ever have the chance to ride in, let alone own. Humm, let me think.
  • You
    Mercedes Benz?? I challenge anybody to spot a Mercedes Benz with a driver under 50 (Schumacher and Rosberg dont count) The only exceptions are 40 year old women in SLKs. Are they cool now? Im so confused. And Glastonbury? The festival wasnt even on this year, and i doubt theyre refering to the village. Wait.. Middle aged women in Mercs, Market villages in the midlands, Selfridges... This isnt the cool list, this is the middle England Daily Mail readers list
  • Inspector G.
    Surely Iceland should be at the top of that list? Thank you, I'm here all week.
  • Spencer
    I would contest that any declaration or acknowledgement of 'being cool' on a commercial or public vote.... instantly prevents it from being cool. in fact I would in so far as to say... that winning an award for being cool... is extremely uncool. for the rules on this... I suggest looking up the cool wall from top gear.
  • boing
    What the hell is this website? It's a list of "celebrities" followed by a list of brands with links to their facebook pages. How much does it cost to get listed? I see first direct is really cool, btw. When I think cool, I think "Financial Services Provider".
  • Ian
    @ Sailor Sam - 3,000 is actually a robust sample size @ You - Glastonbury is in the South West, not the Midlands
  • Darren
    So they got some smuck to stand at the back of the Apple store and ask all the sheep queuing for the IPhone 5 to take a survey? Great!
  • Dick
    I'm surprised Smeg isn't on there. They are a reliable brand with a funny name, therefore cool. And their products keep stuff cool.
  • You
    @ Ian - at no point do i state that Glastonbury is in the Midlands. Thanks for your input though. You really helped to move the banter along.
  • Ian
    @ You - You blatantly were saying Glasto was in the Midlands. And now you've been proven to be a doofus, you're weasiling your way out. You're a weasel. Weeeeeeeeeeeasel.
  • You
    @Ian. Yeah, i totally did. But the point of my post wasnt to be geographically correct, it was to be marginally entertaining. Unlike yours which was... Actually what was the point in your post?
  • Ian
    @You So you failed to be both geographically correct and entertaining. A big all-round fail then. Oh well. Onwards and upwards.
  • You
    @Ian The fact that your name is "Ian" renders you the least interesting person in Britain. Tied with all the other Ians of course.
  • LancerVancer
    Tampax. Nuff said.

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