Americans are really nice about teen mothers

As if teenage mothers don't have a tough enough job, people love blaming all manner of things on them. Of course, this is great of their kids too, trying to find their way in this dismal world.

And so, to America, where an advertisement has appeared designed to make young families feel awful for existing, complete with a photograph of a toddler crying his eyes out in despair.


There's a number of other adverts too, designed to shame young people and, remarkably, they were commissioned by politicians in New York! You can see the others here. The poster offers 'education' via text too. If you join in, you get to play a role playing adventure game which basically says 'you've ruined your life'. An excellent way of making an already difficult situation even harder for people.

Feel free to leave pithy, sarcastic comments in support of the advert below.

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  • Lady F.
    In b4... well, everything. I happen to agree by the way. Teenage pregnancy is simply stupid and irresponsible. Have you ever seen those "teen mom" programs? Fucking 'tards.
  • jim
    well they have guns tho dont they - that sounds fun
  • Andy P.
    Association rather than cause - agree with Mof though, it's just going to make the lives on young parents harder. Is this encouraging discrimination?
  • Terry
    This would be clever if the teens chose to have a child, but i'm assuming most don't. This just shames the already teen mums.
  • Octonot
    Terry, if you are unlucky enough to get pregnant there is a medical procedure called termination. Unpleasant as any surgical procedure could be, but certainly better than an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Han S.
    @Jim - Maybe they should just shoot teens who get pregnant? Win, win
  • Daisy D.
    Art Garfunkel's secret love child?
  • Ribald H.
    @Terry: They need to practise chasteness or think about protection. Still what's to think about when you're getting it on. Shag in haste, regret at leisure.
  • fibbingarchie
    ' support of the advert below.' Eh, the advert is above, innit?
  • jokester2
    The adverts are spot on. Anyone can make their own choices, but if your choices result in you having kids that you can't provide for (emotionally, financially or otherwise), then you have clearly made a stupid choice - and its the taxpayers that pay for your stupidity! In my opinion, due to the ridiculous number of mothers that just live off the benefits system, people shouldn't be allowed to have children until they are able to provide for it without expecting other people to. In many cases, this will require one parent to have a stable job with a decent wage (probably over £20,000) and one parent to stay at home to look after the children at least until they go to school. I've lost track of the number of single mothers I know that live of benefits but can still afford to go out clubbing every weekend using taxpayers money.

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