Amazon tops the most 'meaningful' brands to UK consumers list

If we were to compile a list of the most ‘meaningful’ brands, we’re not sure that Amazon would be top of our list, but according to a survey of 300,000 people worldwide, Amazon is the most ‘meaningful’ brand in the UK with 64% of people saying they would care if the retailer disappeared. Slightly more ‘ethical’ brands M&S and John Lewis came in at second and third, respectively, and supermarkets Aldi and Sainsbury’s completing the top five.

The global study was conducted by Havas and surveyed of 300,000 people over 34 countries covering 1,000 brands across 12 industries. Rather than looking at brand recognition, the Meaningful Brands metric looks at how consumers’ “quality of life and wellbeing” is affected by brands. Specifically, the survey looked at how brands “impact self-esteem, healthy lifestyles, connectivity with friends and family, making lives easier, fitness and happiness” as well as more traditional market factors such as quality and price of goods. Golly.

Globally, and perhaps unsurprisingly, technology brands accounted for nearly a third of the top 50 global Meaningful Brands with Samsung, Google and Sony all featuring near the top of the global list. However, technology giant Apple didn’t come anywhere near the top 20, languishing at number 45 on the list.

Although Amazon are still riding high, Starbucks was among one of the worst performers, with only 14% of people saying they would give a caramel latte if Starbucks disappeared, with criticisms over its tax policies accounting for a 6% fall in favour.

And being ‘meaningful’ can be quite meaningful to a brand’s bottom line. The ‘Share of Wallet’ calculation used in the survey compared the percentage spent with a meaningful brand versus the total annual expenditure within its particular category. The survey founds that brands ranking highly on the list, received, on average 46% higher spend, with some brands showing as much as a seven fold increase.

The full list of the Top 20 ‘meaningful’ brands in the UK, and across the world is as follows:

top 20 brands


  • Marymother O.
    Bimbo DESTROYS Apple like they're not even in the game! Life is good.
  • bingus
    how the hell did paypal make the list! lol

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