Amazon packaging proves there's room for improvement

There was near-rioting in Bitterwalletville earlier in the month when avid reader Tom pointed out's spectacular and entirely unneccessary excess when delivering a t-shirt. Avid readers from across the land booed and jeered and asked "Why do you never pick on Amazon!?" before promptly voting them Best Company In Britain 2009. Some people, eh readers?

Well, Tom has been at it again and ordered more goods online, but this time from your favourite company.  And despite enjoying the most coveted title in the country, Amazon clearly aren't infallible - as this order of DVDs from them proves:

Bitterwallet - Amazon FAIl means your DVDs sound like smarties

No padding in a box four times too big for the job. It's like slinging a sausage down an alley to these people. Packing a box, and a correct sized box at that - it's not difficult, is it?


  • Captain O.
    Oh my God, I can't believe you're slagging off Amazon again!! Why do you never slag off - are you getting paid by them to advertise how bad Amazon are or something?? I'm never readiong this blog again!
  • Emma
    Well, that's definitely excessive.
  • Carlos J.
    It Don't look like Amazon packaging TBH Could you take a picture of the outside of the box too ;)
  • Chunter
    Have you reported this to Trading Standards? I believe that they have powers to deal with such wasteful packaging. Alternatively, go to and give Amazon a piece of your mind.
  • Andrew R.
    Amazon are usually spot in with most small item packaging - have you seen their logistics operation? How to pack a box is literally computerised! It's supposed to check the volume of the items you've ordered along with the volume of their packing boxes and give you the most efficient solution. Like Wor Carlos says, I'm a skeptic until I see the Amazon shipping label ;)
  • barky
    yawn! another cpmplete NON story!
  • myiphoneisbroken
    At least Amazon have packaging "feedback" on their site so you can neg them for it!
  • Tom
    Ya bastard! I sent a loverly pic of the outside of the box ;-) Yeah, filled in amazon's packaging feedback. At least they're good enough to give you the chance to feed back. I fucking love Amazon. My credit card doesn't though.
  • John L.
    As a Postman i know that Amazon offer up the worst packaging of any online retailer. Too many times do i fail to deliver a package because they have wrapped something as small as a dvd beyond the proportions of a normal sized letter box or again books that would fit through aletter box without the packaging suddenly become two or even three times as wide once wrapped in Amazon branded cardboard. HMV offer up the best packaging for a dvd sized object, while Play are top for larger packages. For any online clothing retailers reading this please stick a thin strip of cardboard in your tshirt or small item packages to stiffen them up enough to pass through a letterbox, save me having to attempt a scrunch and shove and save me having my fingers bitten off by the dog waiting on the other side.
  • Fella-Tio
    a month and your still crying over it?!?!?! you missed the point.... it was a NON story, people said this, you didnt like it how often do we have to see non-storys about packaging huh? no one cares there must be much better stories than this! How about a story about Natwest customers seemingly getting charged BY Amazon for using Amazon.... yet more proof that BW is pointless! Dealspawn has a point, Playpenies has a point, HUKD has a point WTF is BW's point?
  • Dave T.
    Amazon usually shrink wrap everything onto a cardboard pallet before sticking in a box.
  • Fella-Tio
    FUCK! Do you see that by John Locke??? shit write a story QUICK! Thats worthy of a week-long BW article! @Andrew a lot of companies do this. Each item on the system has weight and dimensions. They also have dimensions for the boxes so will tell you how many items will fit in etc, can be very tricky for the packing operative unless they get diagram as to best fit. Most distributors use the same setup. I believe its an off the shelf package
  • MayContainNuts
    Dear Mr Locke... How do you know what's in those package unless you're opening them all yourself?
  • Johnie M.
    Off topic, but isnt this whole excessive packaging story thing nicked from the Reg? And sadly they do it so much better > Original material please or FAIL
    • Andy D.
      @Johnie Marathon - and Arthur Wynne did the first ever crossword puzzle in the pages of the New York World in 1913. All them other newspapers who've printed crossword puzzles since = ELEPHANT FAIL
  • Robert
    I found an elephant in my park and decided to take an photo of it I'll sell you my story
  • John V.
    At christmas I went for that marks and spencer wrapping paper offer for 3 quid delivered. It turned up via a courier in a box the size of a fridge, wondered what the hell it was.
  • Klingelton
    is that amazon market place wrapping? i refuse to believe amazon are the slightest bit fallible! foul play I cries!
  • Adds
    I just don't get why people go to bitterwallet, read an article on here and then slag it off for having no point. If you don't like it, there are billions of other webpages to go and visit. I like it in here, as I'm sure many do. If you think you can do better; fuck off and try.
  • Paul S.
    Here's Tom's other image with the Amazon branding on the box:
  • Fella-Tio
    @ ADDS If they permanently remove it from HUKD I promise I will never come on this site ever again and may by knob fall off if I do
  • More B.
    [...] recent coverage of packaging disasters by online stores has led to such a heightened awareness of the problem, that across the land our [...]

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