Amazon aren't mugs when it comes to packaging

Bitterwallet - Amazon packaging

There are three boxes in the picture above. There are two large boxes in the middle - one of which fits inside the other - and there's the tiny box at the bottom right.

When Twitter user TheLongTailAlly ordered a mug from SnapFish, it arrived in one piece in the small box, undamaged. When ordering a similar sized mug from Amazon, it was packaged in the smaller of the two large boxes, then placed inside the largest.

Amazon are doing well in your voting for Bitterwallet's Best Company of 2010, but they're still sending out enough packaging to paddock a horse.


  • Felacio N.
    Investigative journalism at its very best. If only articles like these were around at the time of Watergate, Nixon could have breathed a sigh of relief. "Hold the front page! We've found a mug that's been packed in way too much cardboard!"
  • Tom
    I like Amazon using lots of packaging. At least my stuff arrives in reasonable condition, unlike from lots of other retailers... And as a bonus it saves me money! I don't have to buy packaging for anything I might need to send anywhere! I have received products from Snapfish (in their minimal packaging), in the past - including cups, which have arrived damaged. As a result, I would much rather have more packaging than less.
  • Samson
    Felacio you're a bit of a nob aren't you? It's a consumer blog..... look at the post above this and the post below it. Companies wasting paaakging isnt international news but it's still poor behaviour and bad practice and it should be highlighted. No need for that sort of waste. Agree with Tom, would rather get the goods in one piece, but really Amazon??
  • steve
    Hope they pack the camera i've just ordered from them that well.
  • DJ
    If you're unsatisfied with Amazon's packaging, you can inform them directly @ They invite customers to do this on most packaging. I did it recently after buying a 12" vinyl record and said this..."The box containing the LP was 55cm(w) x 35cm(d) x 11cm(h) and contained a LOT of scrunched paper. Considering that bespoke packaging already exists for LPs, I think the packaging used on this occasion was more than excessive! Please use bespoke packaging when shipping vinyl records." If we let them know they use too much, they might use less.
  • PokeHerPete
    I specifically ask for extra packaging.
  • FFS
    @Samson Exactly. I can never help but despair at the utter retards who come onto this consumer blog and then complain about/take the piss out of articles like this. People only have any appreciation for what BitterWallet do and write about when it directly serves their purpose- like helping them get out of a phone contract.
  • wombat
    Sure the surplus packaging is useful (if you've parcels to send yourself), however they don't tend to include much 'internal' packaging - just the boxes and a few sheets of paper. I'm on the fence on this; for instance my Samsung HDD arrived in it's plastic case sliding around inside a large box (it 'clunked' as postie handed it over) - but considering the box was partially-crushed I suspect it may have fared worse in a smaller box or jiffy bag....
  • Mark C.
    Generally speaking they've been pretty good with the stuff they've sent me lately, though their move from sending things individually rather than in one big box like they used to has meant more trips to the sorting office than I used to make. Still, it's better than the bad old days when they used to wrap piles of books in sticky cardboard and staple the ends, so everything would turn up with knackered corners and marks all over the covers.
  • I N.
    I do sometimes wonder what glorious packaging my order will arrive in when I order from Amazon, but fair to them; I've never received a damaged product through delivery, and they aren't always that bad, as at least my cds and dvds fit through the letter box.
  • Chunter
    Using excess packaging can be a criminal offence under the Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations 2003 (PERR). I suggest you contact Trading Standards, who are responsible for enforcing the regulation.
  • Whisky
    Chunter, more fucking laws eh? I seriously dont get why people are bothered about "excess" packaging. It got there in one fucking piece didnt it? Given that most stuff goes through the Royal Mail, and given the fucktards that work there, Amazon will have analysed the cost of less packaging vs more returns. This will work out cheaper overall or they wouldnt do it would they?
  • donkeyken
    Argos Rug!

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