Advertise your wares on a Japanese girl's thigh

Advertisers are always looking at new ways of flogging products to us gormless saps, and in Japan, the idea of marketing is being taken next level, as they promote products on the thighs of Japanese girls.

Japanese PR company Absolute Territory have started paying young women (over 18, you'll be thrilled to hear) to wear advertising stickers on their thighs, just beneath the hem of their miniskirts and above their knee-high stockings.

And it is beyond creepy... and clearly going to work.

As of November 2012, over a thousand women applied for this odd service. Basically, the girl chooses a sticker ad and they have to agree to wear it for at least eight hours a day or more.

To prove they are actually doing this, they have to post photos of themselves wearing the stickers on their social networking sites.

And creepier still, it turns out Green Day rather liked this idea, employing Absolut Territory to promote the Japanese release of their new CD '!Uno!' It would've been funnier if it was clap cream or something, but there you go.

We eagerly await elderly, busty landladies with adverts for Mr Porky's pork scratchings plastered across their bosoms.


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  • Raggedy
    I second that. Any busty ladies with adverts plastered across their bosoms gives me a legitimate reason to lust unashamedly at them. Bring it on!

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