Ads from when life was simpler: No. 1 - booze and guns...

1 March 2012

What could POSSIBLY go wrong here...?



TOPICS:   Advertising


  • Dick
    It's not just booze and guns, he's got a pipe wedged in his elbow too.
  • Boris
    Caption competition surely? (I'm sure the coffers of BitterWallet can stretch to a lovely prize)
  • Andy D.
    Sure thing Boris; that's a great idea. I'll have a look at the stuff we have hanging around the office and think of something. Have at it boys (and girls if there are any real female readers out there)
  • The D.
    I have less of a sense of humor than I used to.
  • Mary H.
    ...and this one, a lovely handjob from the little lady. She'd best make it good mind, or she'll get a slap and told to get back in't kitchen.
  • Sicknote
    Not sure about you but I always have a large glass of Imperial when cleaning my shotguns...
  • The B.
    To be fair, it's a flintlock, not a modern gun, so unless it's primed and loaded not a lot can go wrong.
  • Businessman
    I hate it when the voices tell me to get all the guns ready
  • Mike H.
    Americans don't have brains. Especially if they've just blown them out cleaning a loaded and cocked flintlock. Dicks.
  • Finbar
    "Roger slips a stiff one down his throat while polishing off his rusty old weapon" That's how to handle two jobs from an easy chair.

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