Microsoft appease Glasgow after cricket nonsense

Remember everyone in Scotland mocking Microsoft, for their advert where they basically mentioned cricket? Of course, Scottish people don't play cricket - they prefer backstreet wrestling and thumb-wars.

Here is the offending Cortana advert.


Well, Microsoft have decided to make things right in Glasgow, by providing them with a brand new advert, just for them.

Instead of saying "Cortana can remind you to see if James is up for the cricket this weekend", which was roundly booed, the new advert - which Microsoft were hoping would go viral - has rectified it.

The new ad reads: "Cortana, next time I speak with Chris, remind me not to mention the cricket." And here's the new advert, in exactly the same position, and aimed at the one person who tweeted about it last week.




  • Chiggers
    There are 150 cricket clubs in Scotland, apparently. They can't all be foppish English wankers, surely?
  • meh
    No, but they can all be shit.
  • Lauren M.
    Cricket = exercise. Why would the Jocks be interested?
  • Sal
    Why does the ad say..."the cricket"? Shouldn't it be just..."cricket". Like, it should say..."Cortana, next time I speak with Chris, remind me not to mention cricket." calling it "the cricket" makes it sound like they are talking about not mentioning the insect, cricket, not the sport, cricket. You don't say, "I want to watch the football". You say, "I want to watch football", unless, you simply want to stare at the football on the floor. Maybe it is the Scottish English that is different. I am here in the US, after all.
  • Henning
    Sal: In Britain you can say "the cricket" or "the football". When you do it usually refers to a specific game that you assume the other person also knows is on.
  • Steve
    @Sal, We do say "I want to watch the football"; "the cricket" is perfectly fine too. That's a thing in British English. To be fair, most Scots don't give a stuff about the cricket - when it comes to balls and sticks, we've got much more violent sports like shinty to enjoy :)
  • digibanger
    cricket if I was welsh id be more offended.... the ECB = The England and Wales Cricket Board Cmon the Aussies

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