One thing we are sure of is there is no end to stories about being a modern consumer. We try to cover as many as we can but we can probably do better. With that in mind here are a few ways you can help contribute to Bitterwallet.

Consumer guides and research articles

We do some research heavy articles on Bitterwallet but when we look honestly at ourselves we know we are never going to write the definitive resource article on hacking your Slug to stream cupcakes from an iPhone. However, we know some of our readers can. So if you have a guide or bit of research you have done that is beyond our grasp but would be very useful to the Bitterwallet community please get in touch! Our preferred research/guide topics are consumer tech hacks, consumer privacy and consumer legal – basically anything that enables the modern consumer.

Staff writers

We don’t always have positions open for becoming a staff writer for Bitterwallet but if you have an interest, experience and a passion for what we do here then please feel free to send a cover letter, c.v and writing examples to If we don’t have anything open we will stash it away for when we do.