Commercial Break: No lingual laughs in long, long knife ad...

10 May 2012

Getting cheap laughs from listening to someone of a foreign persuasion mangling the English ‘tongue’ is not something that we’re all about here at Bitterwallet. Which is why we present this infomercial for a knife and peeling set with a stone face.

There’s thirteen and a half minutes of oddly hypnotic larynx-strangling voiceover work for you to enjoy here – if that’s the sort of thing that you find humorous. To be honest, we think you’re a little sick in the head if you do.




  • Shooter M.
    So that's what the VO guy did after Team America World Police
  • Mike H.
    1. Copy entire marketing info from literature 2. Paste entire marketing info from literature into Google Translate 3. Click 'translate' 4. Record. 5. Job done.
  • Drew
    Sounds a bit like text-to-speech. Is just like a good music when cutting the apple. So nice ceramic knife, so convenient.
  • Kel
  • Kel
    Also turn on transcribe audio on youtube and you get all kinds of subtitles about erectile rectums and shit. seriously 1min 45 roughly

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