Should first class train travel be scrapped?

2 January 2014

TOPICS:   Travel


  • ExciteReview s.
    [...] Should first class train travel be scrapped? The Department for Transport state that these increases are paying for the £38bn of investment in the rail network over the next five years, even though a decade of price hikes has shown little for us so far, leaving us with the most expensive trains … Read more on Bitterwallet [...]
  • ExciteReview N.
    [...] Should first class train … The Givernment are toying with the idea of scrapping first class train travel on routes that are busiest for commuters. Train companies won't lose out on money because they'll be given money to provide the extra seats. Of course, a lot of train … Read more on Bitterwallet [...]
  • Obat H.
    train is my favorite transportation mode...

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