Ryanair to whack extra charges on flights already booked

26 April 2012

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  • Mike H.
    Shouldn't be so stingy and go Ryanair, chav.
  • Phuck Y.
    Not being pedantic or owt* but... Surely it's "Why not go to Spain?" It is a question, after all and not an instruction. I might want to give you a reason why I don't want to go to spain. *I am being pedantic.
  • bob
    It's AIRplane, not aero.
  • F. U.
    Ryanair are a bunch of cunts... but this is not news. We all know they are fucking cunts, yet millions of people give them their hard earned giro to fly to the middle of nowhere. If people stopped flying with them, then they wouldn't be one of the worlds biggest airlines. O'Leary is laughing all the way to the bank, crimping one off as he goes.
  • jax
    @Bob You are wrong. A*******.
  • The B.
    No, it's only airplane if you're a yank.
  • The B.
    Who the feck flies Ryanair anyway? Should we pity them or mock them?
  • IveHadTheSnip
    Anybody know what day the Spanish budget is due to be passed, i.e. when do we find out?
  • whatsit t.
    I thought the oxygen fee was a joke?!
  • Thefunboi
    I dont understand why this is an issue, BA/Virgin do the exact same thing day in, day out via their fuel surcharge, as the price of fuel fluctuates, so too does the fuel surcharge. To be fair to Ryanair, it is one thing they sing and dance about, that they will never charge fuelmsurcharges (which is surprising as i reckon thatncould be a nice earner for them) And to be fair to the skymarshall, why should he pay it? The money aint going in his pocket, he aint going back on the fare you were charged, hes just passing on a tax. If those booked (myself included with three flights to Spain post June) dont like it, dont fly. Not to piss O 'Leary off, but rather to make a point to the Spanish government. Hit them where it hurts if you feel that fucking strong about it. But i bet, like myself, in light of this current stretch of non stop fucking rain, Spain can increase the tax to £50 and I'll still fly!
  • The P.
    Flying? Really? How last century! Here at the Place we're so cool that we've had a teleporter installed in the hall so that future generations of cool people can come back in time and hang out in the coolest place in the Universe at any moment in history.
  • Nigel
    I got this email through. It's a bit of an arse but I expect no less from Ryanair. They do word their email as if to say they are going to take the money without asking.
  • XTC
    Don't worry Nigel, we've been talking to Ryanair and making plans for you.
  • Nigel
    @XTC Thanks ?
  • The P.
    I bet you think you are so funny "The Place". Where we offer love you offer bitterness. How many people have proposed at BitterWallet? We have hade nearly one hundred.
  • The P.
    Obviously by proposed I mean propositioned, and by propositioned I mean that money changed hands, either way people were happy, except for that incident with the Alsatian, that poor girl will never be able to look at lipstick in the same way again.

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