Princess Bride t-shirt causes losers to get jumpy on a plane

25 January 2013

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  • jokester
    Take all the warning labels off stuff and let these pathetic whining idiots dispose of themselves. The gene pool definitely needs some chlorine
  • chewbacca
    "Outgareous" indeed...
  • KTF
  • Mr M.
  • Spencer
    I'm with jokester on this one.... we're stopping evolution from doing it's thing.... there are some exceptionally thick people, incapable of even the most basic of tasks out there... and they're breeding...
  • Spencer
    I'd have said to the flight attendant... please give me a blanket... I'll punch a hole in it... and any time I stand up to walk around I'll use it as a poncho ... otherwise please can you announce over the p.a that I feel uncomfortable with the fact I'm being read and request all passengers to stop reading me.

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