Privacy problems: Google sued by 10 million, WhatsApp violation and Government snoop Twitter

29 January 2013

TOPICS:   Technology   Privacy   Social Media   Mobile


  • Alexis
    All well and good attempting to sue, but what precise losses have you have suffered and how can you prove it?
  • mikeypop
    Is it about claiming back losses, or trying to tell a massive business that willfully circumventing privacy controls without user's knowledge is a pretty shitty thing to do? I don't think it's unfair to ask what Google did with that data (and probably earned from it).
  • Sicknote
    Does anyone actually fucking care...?
  • pop f.
    I would love to fuck a fox
  • jiggle
    @sicknote agree with you, who cares? So you get some better targeted, more relevant ads. WHAT A DISASTER.
  • Employee m.
    Sensationalist article.

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