London Met to erode civil liberties by tracking everyone

11 May 2011

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  • Tiny S.
    Shower of bastards - the lot of 'em.
  • Mutineer
    Obviously all terrorists use Facebook on a mobile/navigate using a sat nav that they purchased using a credit card at a high street store in their own name. Yes folks, the pigs really *are* as stupid as they look.
  • MR T.
    I remember banging on to people a few years ago about this kind of stuff, and being laughed at. These same people who say ‘if you have nothing to hide’ will regret it when they go to a protest and end up being accused of something they haven’t done and had their entire private lives (of course they had nothing to hide remember) opened up. If these terrorists are as clever as the police always claim (to justify this stuff) then surely the terrorists might have fake names, maybe give their registered phone to someone else whilst conducting their evil plans to destroy the world. Meanwhile police will be able to chase down 86 year olds who once went to a protest (a peace protest!)
  • Dick
    > All this comes on the back of news that the police force has kept a detailed record of the political activities of an 86-year-old man on a secret database, despite the fact he has no criminal record. How does he know about it if it is a secret database?
  • Inspector K.
    El-O El-O El-O What's all this ere then? Some lefties disrepectin the braininess of the law? Sounds like a conspiracy to create public disorder; thanks for making sure that there were at leat three of you. Very 'andy that. I'll be 'avin you IP adresses soon enough me laddies and then you be getting a thorough inspection of your activities.
  • Sgt B.
    Am i really going to trust a source that cant even get a picture of the met police and instead uses an image of a police force that doesnt even operate in england??? NO Go on google images and type in: "I won't call these guys when im being attacked or burgled" , that should give you plenty of images of the wonderful police service that is the metropolitan police service.

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