LED lights help you drive better

26 February 2013

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  • klingelton
    Drivers still won't look out for motorcycles, push bikes and kids crossing the road.
  • Clinton
    I'm just waiting for a mate
  • Dr Z.
    I believe KIT used to wank Michael off whilst he was at the wheel. I don't know if it focused his mind though.
  • Yue
    @klingelton The day that motorcyclists stop acting like twats on the road will be the day they stop dying on the road. Stop blaming drivers that are paying attention where they are supposed to be paying attention. Having seen 2 near misses on the way home tonight neither were the fault of drivers. As for push bikes and kids, bad parenting, not teaching their little darlings that the roads are dangerous places.
  • Mr M.
    I can't wait for the french to have a crack at this in their cars...
  • Dai
    You forgot the now traditional link to the place you badly ripped the story off from. Three stars, would not read again.
  • Auto S.
    Its interesting that LED fitting in our car gives us better thinking to choose options and helps in better driving.

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