BT and Talk Talk lose filesharing appeal, which is nice

7 March 2012

TOPICS:   Technology


  • Martin
    Actors union, hilarious. If she honestly thinks her members are going to get more money because ISPs send nasty letters to their customers she really is living in world of make-believe.
  • Skymarshall
    "Livelihoods are at risk". Good God. So they get less than £1million per month. How ever will they survive?
  • The B.
    Perhaps they should stop people recording from the tv and radio too, after all it's stopping all of those in the entertainment industry from earning money and must be putting people out of jobs.
  • klingelton
    sky plus and virgin plus are both fucked then. don't understand legally how that works...
  • Al
    In other news, BT and Talk Talk report losses as consumers migrate to other ISPs. Really, why would anyone stay with these ISPs rather than changing to someone who wouldn't send you a nasty letter?

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