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Twitter has many uses, both good and bad, but one of the finest we’ve ever seen is to highlight the state of the carpets in various branches of WHSmith across the country.

Yes, it’s @WHS_Carpet and it’s full of sneaky snaps taken by followers who have been appalled by the state of the flooring in the ailing retailer’s stores.


Screen Shot 2013 07 23 at 11.14.21 WHSmiths manky floors uncovered on Twitter...


Screen Shot 2013 07 23 at 11.14.34 WHSmiths manky floors uncovered on Twitter...There’s plenty more at Smiths branches around the land (and of course at @WHS_Carpet)


WHSmith cunningly redefine ‘everything’…

September 3rd, 2012 7 Comments By Andy Dawson

What can we get 20% off then? Books? Pens? Wow, thanks Smiths…

wh smith receipt 375x500 WHSmith cunningly redefine everything...

[via @divaschematic]

If you’re a typical parent, you’re probably keen for your kids to have as many hobbies as possible that don’t involve them pestering the living daylights out of you, the stressed, beleaguered idiot that spawned them.

Having said that… DO NOT LET THEM GO ON THE HABBO HOTEL WEBSITE. For the uninitiated, Habbo Hotel is supposedly a heavily-moderated, kiddie-friendly virtual world where younglings can virtually hang out with each other, dressing themselves up and decorating their hotel room, spending credits that are bought within the game.

12 habboscreengrab2 620 A11 499x280 Habbo Hotel site muted after investigation finds widespread kiddie corrupting wrongness

But a Channel 4 News investigation has revealed that it’s more like the kind of hotel that you would pay for by the hour. Yes, one of THOSE ones. A Channel 4 producer found that within minutes of logging on in the guise of a young girl, she was being asked about her body and being urged to log on to Skype or MSN for more intimate chats.

You can read more about their horrendous findings over at the Channel 4 News site – meanwhile Tesco, WHSmith and GAME have stopped selling Habbo Hotel gift cards and the Habbo bigwigs have muted all conversations on the site, pending some kind of investigation.

What now paedos? EH??

Could the Kobo be a genuine UK rival for the Kindle?

November 30th, 2011 15 Comments By Andy Dawson
KT slate 02 lg. V166936234  300x289 Could the Kobo be a genuine UK rival for the Kindle?

A Kindle, yesterday

Whisper it quietly, but there’s a chance that Amazon’s Kindle might have a serious rival. The Kobo e-reader was launched a few weeks ago as a WHSmith exclusive, linked to their online eBook store, and it looks as though it could be gathering pace as an easy high street alternative to the pioneering Amazon device.

It’d be fair to say that there was some derision from various quarters at the time, but WHSmith have given the Kobo some serious promotion, and last week hurriedly launched a sequel, the Android-powered Kobo Vox, with a seven-inch colour touchscreen and optimisation for outdoor reading as well as internet access, apps and all the other gubbins that you’ll expect to get when the Kindle Fire launches. Also, it supports many more formats than the more prohibitive Kindle does, with ePUB, PDF and MOBI, TXT, RTF, HTML and CBZ and CBR comic-book formats running on it along with JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF image files.

The Vox has hit the shops ahead of the Kindle Fire, and as far as the casual consumer is concerned, the Kobo devices could appeal as a more attractive entry-level e-reader than the Kindle. The Kobo has certainly been a hit in its native Canada, and the company has just been snapped up by Rakuten, who also recently acquired It’s almost certainly just a matter of time before Play set themselves up as a seller of eBooks and begins to ape Amazon’s business model note for note.

But even though the reviews have been generally favourable (this one for exmple), hey, let’s not let turn this into a big ad for the Kobo. Tell us what you reckon – is the Kindle the only e-reader that matters or is there room for another one? Does the connection with the multi-coloured shit bazaar that is WHSmith put you off? Have you had a fiddle with both devices, and which one did you like best? Come on, don’t be shy, TELL US!