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The last dance – RIP Technics turntables

November 27th, 2009 18 Comments By Paul Smith

technics 300x186 The last dance   RIP Technics turntablesThe phrase end of an era gets bandied about far too often, usually to describe the exit of a talentless no-mark from a reality show, but alas no other cliché is applicable. It’s our sad duty to report that Panasonic are to stop making Technics turntables. In a statement the company announced that production would end in February next year.

A spokesperson for Panasonic said:

“It is a sad day today but due to low sales globally in analogue turntables a decision to stop production has been made on Technics Turntables.”

Digital turntables and the ease of storing music on laptops means that demand for the turntables has dried up. The memories of illegal raves, house parties and filthy beach sex while Pete Tong had it large on the ones and twos at Cafe Mambo will soon be all you have.

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